ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships Sunday Results

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Please find below the final results from the 2015 ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships in Umag, Croatia on Friday 2, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October. Over 470 players from 37 countries competed in singles, doubles and mixed doubles across five age categories from 65-and-over to 85-and-over on 27 September – 4 October.

The ITF Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team and Individual Championships are the premier events on the ITF Seniors Circuit. Players aged from 35-and-over to 45-and-over compete in the Young Seniors Championships, from 50-and-over to 60-and-over in the Seniors Championships, and from 65-and-over to 85-and-over compete in the Super-Seniors Championships. Starting with one team trophy in 1958, and four individual events in 1981, the competitions have grown to offer a total of 72 World Championship titles each year to teams, and in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.


Final results

Men’s 65 Singles
Bruno Renoult (FRA) d. Jorge Camina Borda (ESP) 61 63

Men’s 65 Doubles
Max Bates/Ramon Funtera (AUS) d. Kasper Rud/Frans Norby (DEN) 63 36 [10-5]

Women’s 65 Singles
Heidi Eisterlehner (GER) d. Sylvia Bauwens (GER) 64 62

Women’s 65 Doubles
Adrienne Avis/Helen Worland (AUS) d. Kerry Ballard (AUS)/Shirley Fox (GBR) 64 64

Mixed 65 Doubles
Adrienne Avis (AUS)/Bruno Renoult (FRA) d. Helen Worland/Max Bates (AUS) 63 63

Men’s 70 Singles
Richard Johnson (USA) d. Petr Kolacek (SUI) 64 76(9)

Men’s 70 Doubles
Giancarlo Milesi/Giancarlo Ranghi (ITA) d. Petr Kolacek (SUI)/Johannes Muehlenburg (AUT) 46 76(5) [10-5]

Women’s 70 Singles
Gail Benedetti (FRA) d. Ellie Krocke (NED) 60 64

Women’s 70 Doubles
Petro Kruger (RSA)/Frances MacLennan (GBR) d. Jacqueline Boothman (GBR)/Ellie Krocke (NED) 36 63 [10-5]

Mixed 70 Doubles
Frances MacLennnan (GBR)/Hugh Thomson (USA) d. Phyllis Bentham/Norman Church (GBR) 64 60

Men’s 75 Singles
Peter Pokorny (AUT) d. Jaime Rene Pinto Bravo (CHI) 61 61

Men’s 75 Doubles
Peter Pokorny (AUT)/Giorgio Rohrich (ITA) d. Don Biddle/Michael Parslow (AUS) 60 60

Women’s 75 Singles
Marie Jose Montagne (FRA) d. Nanda Fischer (GER) 06 64 61

Women’s 75 Doubles
Joan Hassell/Jean Porter (GBR) d. Nola Collins (AUS)/Nanda Fischer (GER) 61 20 ret.

Mixed 75 Doubles
Jill Taylor (AUS)/Peter Pokorny (AUT) d. Nola Collins/Don Biddle (AUS) 76(2) 63

Men’s 80 Singles
Gerhard Coldewey (GER) d. Michael Van Berckel (NED) 46 62 [10-4]

Men’s 80 Doubles
Derek Lawer (RSA)/Michael Van Berckel (NED) d. Wilfried Mahler/Guenter Schwellnus (GER) 63 64

Women’s 80 Singles
Burnett Herrick (USA) d. Jackie Zylstra (RSA) 64 62

Women’s 80 Doubles
Burnett Herrick/Judy Smith (USA) d. Brigitte Jung (GER)/June Pearce (GBR) 61 60

Mixed 80 Doubles
Elena Mikola (HUN)/Claude Wenzel (AUS) d. Ann Fotheringham/Max Byrne (AUS) 64 61

Men’s 85 Singles
Clem Hopp (USA) d. Angelo Sala (ITA) 62 62

Men’s 85 Doubles
John Draper/Leonard Lawrence (GBR) d. Adrian Alle (AUS)/Vladimir Rubtsov (RUS) 60 60

Women’s 85 Singles
Rosemarie Asch (CAN) d. Monique Giffard (FRA) 60 61

Women’s 85 Doubles
Rosemary Asch (CAN)/Erzsebet Szentirmay (HUN) d. Marlies Jennis (GER)/Marj Niccol (AUS) 60 60

Mixed 85 Doubles
Rosemarie Asch/Lorne Main (CAN) d. Erzsebet Szentirmay (HUN)/Angelo Sala (ITA) 62 64

Copyright © 2015. No duplication is permitted without permission from Bob Larson Tennis.