Austrian Tennis Federation Is Committing 1 Million Euros Increase For Player Development

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The Austrian tennis federation (OTV) is increasing the amount it puts into player development, committing 1 million Euros a year as well as implementing changes in the way it funds players.

The federation will no longer require that players be based in Austria or work with the federation, looking instead at a performance-based requirement that will provide 15,000 Euros a year for training and expenses to players who meet the established criteria. Only four men players would currently qualify, according to local media.

“If a player trains in Spain and meets the criteria, he will be backed as well,” said the president of the federation, who also wants to change the atmosphere of tennis development, saying “There should be co-operation and not as before, one against the other.”

For example, there are also plans to establish ties with one of its critics, Gunther Bresnik, who coaches top Austrian prospect Dominic Thiem, currently the only Austrian in the top 100. The federation will pay for players to train at the coach’s academy in Austria, as well as involving him in various decisions about Austrian tennis.

There are no Austrian women in the top 200, another thing the federation would like to change. For that, it is looking to Fed Cup captain Jurgen Waber, who is revamping the women’s development program to provide young players with training facilities, opportunities to go to international events and touring coaches.

The increased financial investment is a big commitment for a federation with an annual income of 2 million Euros, consisting of 1 million in government funding, 600,000 Euros from sponsorship and the rest in membership fees.

With the heyday for former No. 1 Thomas Muster long behind and recent top 20 regular Jurgen Mulzer playing only intermittently because of injuries, Austria is counting on Thiem to inspire a new generation that it can back for increased success.

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