John Isner and Steve Johnson Invest in RUNA

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Runa Tennis News

RUNA, a leading natural beverage company that produces ready-to-drink teas and clean energy drinks made from the guayusa leaf, an energizing Amazonian tea, is excited to announce investment agreements with professional tennis players John Isner and Steve Johnson. The two American tennis stars, who discovered RUNA as an unrivaled source of clean, focused energy, had been using the products for over a year before stumbling across RUNA CEO Tyler Gage through mutual friends. Isner and Johnson will join high profile investors in RUNA, including Channing Tatum, as well as other esteemed members of the RUNA Tribe, a collection of athletes, artists and musicians who embody what it means to be RUNA, or “fully alive,” in order to educate consumers about the benefits of RUNA’s products.

“RUNA gives me the energy I need to continuously train and perform at a world-class level,” said Isner, who currently holds the title of the highest-ranking American tennis player. “The drink has become such an integral part of my everyday routine, and I’m excited about the opportunity to support such a game-changing brand.”

Guayusa tea, the key ingredient in RUNA’s beverages, had never been commercialized produced before RUNA built a Fair Trade supply chain to source it directly from indigenous family farmers in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The native Kichwa communities have revered the plant for thousands of years, drinking it before sunrise in the jungle as their fuel for the day. With as much caffeine as coffee and a rich profile of polyphenols, flavonoids, and l-theanine, guayusa tea offers energy “from a leaf, not a lab” as RUNA promotes.

“Ever since I drank my first bottle of RUNA, I felt the difference from coffee or traditional energy drinks, and quickly realized that not all energy is created equal,” explained professional tennis player, Steve Johnson. “The lasting endurance I get from RUNA carries me through my intense training without any sense of faltering energy levels. ”

The company currently offers cans, bottled teas, pyramid infusers and loose-leaf tins, which are available in select retailers nationwide including Whole Foods, Safeway, and

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