Nishikori Will Play ATP Finals, But Is He Healthy?

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Kei Nishikori Tennis News

Kei Nishikori’s agent says he will be fine at the ATP World Tour Finals in O2 Arena London next week.

But the Japanese has been frequently hurt since the spring and last week at the Paris/Bercy, Nishikori had to retired in the third round against Richard Gasquet because his neck and back felt pain. Moreover “I started feeling my abs, side abs. Couldn’t really hit serves. I couldn’t really hit 100 percent,” Nishikori said.

A few days later, the world No. 8 said that he felt much better.

“Kei saw the doctor’s in Paris and all the tests came back fine.  He is 100% OK for London,” his agent said. “Kei will arrive in London one week early and will start practicing to get ready for the last tournament of the season.”

While Nishikori played well during the clay, once he began on the grass courts, he began to fall apart. He retired in Halle, and he withdrew in the second round of Wimbledon due to a calf injury.

Back on the hard courts, he was ready to go again and he won Washington, but in Montreal in the semifinals, he looked exhausted and lost against Andy Murray. He admitted that he was tired and he withdrew from Cincinnati with a hip injury.

At the US Open, the 25-year-old was shocked against Benoit Paire and at the Japan Open, where he was the defending champion, he went down to the Frenchman Paire again. He lost at Shanghai and now Paris/Bercy.

This year, Nishikori has said that he wants to win a major and reach No. 1, but maybe he needs to slow it down.

“I have been playing a lot of matches this year, maybe that’s why I have been hurting these couple months, not feeling 100 percent yet,” he said. “Just need to recover for next London Tour final. Just one more tournament to go. So I just get recovered soon and fight for another one.”

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