Grigor Dimitrov Is Expecting A Great 2016

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Grigor Dimitrov Tennis News

One-time pick for the tennis future Grigor Dimitrov is apparently enthusiastic about his tennis once again as the Bulgarian who was tipped a few years ago for the top of the game makes a recovery from his breakup this year with former girlfriend Maria Sharapova.

The 24-year-old whose ranking has sunk to 24th after hitting 11th on the ATP list at one point, seems to be enjoying his work with new coach Franco Davin, sacked by Juan Del Potro when the Argentine realized he needed months and months of rehab on another wrist problem.

Dimitrov has had little to cheer about in 2015 and recently admitted that his split with tennis goddess Sharapova also threw his game for a loop. She, on the other hard, is doing fine and stands fourth in the world.

Dimitrov thinks he may have now sorted some of his tennis problems: “When things are not in place, I tend to get a little bit impatient and I just want to do what’s right for me. In doing so, I felt like I neglected my game a lot with the way I’ve been practicing and the way I’ve been doing things. I can only blame myself for that and no one else.

“It’s good to finally feel alive again a little bit and I think that’s been happening to me in the past weeks. I feel like I’ve got the spark again and I’m feeling motivated, which is a pretty good feeling.”

Dimitrov is particularly pleased with his progress under Davin after just a few months, though the Bulgarian has only two quarter-finals to show for his post-Wimbledon season. “I’m really looking forward to a long-term approach now, for whatever I do. It took me so long structuring a good team. It’s always hard finding the right people around you, but once you have it, you’ve got to treasure it and work.”

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