Qatar Airways Officials Say Sponsorship Of IPTL Was A Good Idea

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Qatar Airways officials are convinced that their sponsorship of the IPTL this month was a good investment, with the cutting-edge Gulf airline gaining extra Asia-wide exposure with broadcast television time in major markets of Kobe, Manila, New Delhi, Dubai and Singapore over the span of just a few weeks.

The company’s, whose worldwide level of service and expanding fleet of the latest planes is leaving outdated and under-funded¬† North American competition whining for legal action to stop the foreign transport colossus, said their dollars were well-spent in the tennis series. “We are pleased to see an overwhelming response across the world to the latest season of IPTL,” said controversial Qatar boss Akbar Al Baker.

“The league has managed to bring some of the biggest stars of the game together and helped establish tennis as a popular sport in regions that were not traditionally associated with the game. During the season, Qatar Airways played host to various tennis players on-board our A319 all-premium executive jet where they experienced our luxurious hospitality in the sky.”

The company was particularly pleased with impact from the IPTL final in Singapore just prior to Christmas, where the local side Slammers won the title over the holder India Aces.

During its three-week run, the IPTL hosted drop-ins from ATP and WTA payers including Dubai-based Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, Ana Ivanovic, all of whom participated for longer or shorter spells with IPTL sides Philippine Mavericks, OUE Singapore Slammers, Micromax Indian Aces, Legendari Japan Warriors and the Obi UAE Royals.

Qatar Airways came on board for a second consecutive year as sponsor, with the airline increasing exposure on the ground through booths at match sites and offering tickets and prizes to lucky spectators.

“As presenting sponsors, we are confident that the popularity of this format will see increased admiration in the coming editions of the league. Our three-year partnership with IPTL reiterates our commitment to bring people across the globe closer, through the exciting network of sports,” said Al Baker.

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