FloSports And The Intercollegiate Tennis Association Announce Partnership

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ITA Tennis News

FloSports and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association announced today a five-year partnership agreement, by which FloSports will provide live streaming coverage of all ITA National Championships and a total of 15 ITA events per year, beginning in the fall of 2016. All content and programming will live on FloTennis.com, which will be launched in June 2016.

In addition to the championship and event coverage, FloSports, a direct-to-consumer, subscription-based sports media company located in Austin, Texas, will produce a series of original documentaries that will focus on highlighting college tennis’s programs and personalities. A weekly college tennis show that will feature highlights from the previous week of competition, along with a look ahead to the upcoming week’s top matches on the schedule, will also be a part of the offering on FloTennis.com.

“This is an incredible opportunity to work with the ITA to build momentum around college tennis and expand its reach to a global audience of fans,” FloSports co-founder and CEO Martin Floreani said. “We’re excited to get started and add FloTennis to our growing network of sports sites.”

ITA Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Russell, added: “As we continue to work to raise the profile and tell the stories of college tennis, the ITA is thrilled about establishing a strategic alliance with FloSports. It is a collaboration that I believe will be transformational for our sport.”

To view live coverage, original documentaries and more exclusive tennis content, users must sign up to become FloPRO subscribers on FloTennis.com. The cost is $19.99/mo. For a monthly subscription, or $149.99/year for an annual subscription. There will also be a variety of tennis coverage that lives outside the paywall on FloTennis.com.

Copyright © 2016. No duplication is permitted without permission from Bob Larson Tennis.