Kyrgios Does Not Plan On A Long Career Playing Tennis

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Nick Kyrgios Tennis News

Quirky Nick Kyrgios would likely prefer move on to other challenges rather than hang around after age 30 as an ATP tennis “pensioner.” The 20-year-old Australian still has more than enough time to plot his sporting course, but in the meantime is concentrating on his second-round place at the French Open. Kyrgios advanced on a rainy Paris opening day over Italian Marco Cecchinato 7-6(6), 7-6(6), 6-4.

The former bad boy working to repair his disruptive reputation, had a minor clash with authority during his victory, drawing that many considered an unjustified code violation for yelling a bit too loudly at a ballkid to bring him a towel amid the chaos of a loud stadium crowd.

Many suggest the discipline was based more on the Kyrgios reputation than in the reality of the actual situation. The ATP No. 19 has repeatedly said that he does not yearn for a lengthy tennis career. The NextGen talent has already defeated four of the top five – though he and number one Novak Djokovic have never played.

Kyrgios told Britain’s Sunday Times: “There is zero chance that Nick Kyrgios will be playing tennis when he is 30 years old. There’s absolutely no chance. I don’t know how long my career will be but God help me if I am playing tennis at 30. There are so many more things to this world than tennis for me. Not tennis for me at 30. Please.”

The Australian-Malaysian-Greek player has always expressed his admiration for the NBA, which appears to be one of his main sporting loves. As for his behavior niggles, Kyrgios told the London newspaper that he has been helped in his efforts at concentration by professionals.

“I have seen a couple of sports psychologists. But I can’t really focus for long enough, I can’t take it seriously. They are trying to find what fuels you, motivates you. But it’s tough, one week I’m motivated, one week I am not. So I walked away. Not my thing.”

“Sometimes I get too creative when I should keep it simple. One of my coaches always used to say, when people watch you, you don’t have to try and go for that extra shot. It keeps me entertained and wanting to play.”

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