Blake Thinks His Police Tackler Should Be Fired

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Retired James Blake believes that the rogue plainclothes NY cop who took him down on a busy Manhattan street during the US Open with a body-slam after a false tip-off should lose his job.

The former No. 4 ATP player who served all during his career as a role model and tireless worker for charity causes, was tackled this week in front of a Midtown hotel after being falsely identified by “a cooperating witness” as a member of a criminal mobile phone enterprise in a sting operation gone wrong.

Blake was taken down and his hands handcuffed behind his back for 15 minutes before someone finally realized who he was.

Blake said the bad-apple cop – who has reportedly been cited at least four times for unnecessary violence while on the force and is facing lawsuits over the incidents – should be sacked. “I think he should lose his job over this, because I don’t think it’s the right job for him.”

“To be a police officer, you’re given a lot of rights and you’re given certain powers, and then to abuse them is just wrong,” Blake told CNN.

“If you have someone out there that’s having this kind of rogue justice, they’re tarnishing that image, and they don’t deserve to be in the same sentence with the heroes of the NYPD, and they don’t deserve to have that badge.”

The 35-year-old has hired a top New Jersey lawyer and could pursue a case against officials. New York police deny that Blake, who is mixed race, was targeted due to racial profiling. Blake, who said the cop gave no warning or showed any identification before his sudden tackle, said the real problem was excessive use of force by police.

New York police and city officials have apologized to Blake, but can have few doubts that the matter will be carried to its conclusion by the wealthy, Harvard-educated victim.

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