Blake Meets New York Mayor And Chief Of Police

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The former No. 4  James Blake was thrown to the ground hard at the Grand Hyatt during the US Open by a policeman. He was mistakenly arrested by the policeman James Frascatore, who for now, he has been placed on desk duty.

Blake was seriously shaken, but he called TV broadcasters, media, the police commissioner William Bratton and finally, the Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio. Blake on Monday met with them in New York for two hours. The city and police department wants to prevent the same thing from happening to others. The same goes with Blake.

“We’re not looking for a quick lawsuit,” Blake said. “We’re not looking for anything that’s going to be a quick and easy solution. We’re looking for a lasting, positive impact on the city and on the police force.”

Blake says that he has yet to decide what specific changes could come out of this, but eventually, he will figure it out.

“Right now, we still just have pretty broad strokes but on a similar page,” Blake said. “The process will sort itself out very quickly. I’m confident of that. [De Blasio] spoke very clearly in there about not just making short-term changes, not making a change that’s going to make a difference today that’s going to be gone tomorrow but having an impact that’s going to affect even generations.”

The policeman James Frascatore has been with the New York police department for four years, but he has been named in several civil rights lawsuits alleging excessive force.

But mayor de Blasio has declined to commit to further punishment for Frascatore.

Blasio said Blake is “a certain selflessness. He has not made it about him,” de Blasio said. “He’s talked about where we need to go as a society to a better place, and I admire him for that.”

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