Zensah Compression Joins Tennis Industry Association As a Technology Partner

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Zensah Tennis News

Zensah, a premium compression apparel brand, has joined the Tennis Industry Association. As a new Tech Partner of the TIA, Zensah creates a business-to-consumer product that players, facilities, coaches and other groups in tennis can use to enhance and expand the tennis-playing experience.“We are very excited to join the TIA as a Tech Partner,” says Suzanne Kerpel, marketing director at Zensah. “For over 10 years we have focused on making compression apparel and accessories that help athletes relieve injuries and recover faster. Tennis coaches, facilities and players from around the country love using our products.”

Zensah makes a line of premium athletic apparel including compression elbow sleeves to relieve tennis elbow, socks with moisture wicking and anti-odor fabrics, and compression shorts for all-day support. All products are designed with UPF50+ protection in their fabrics, to protect athletes from the sun.

“We’re pleasedto have Zensah support our industry as a member of the Tennis Industry Association,” says TIA Executive Director and COO Jolyn de Boer. The TIA Tech Partner level of membership is specifically designed for companies that provide consumer-based products to help connect the tennis-playing community.  “The rapid rise of the smart product market is definitely a trend that the TIA is monitoring as new opportunities are being created to reach more consumers and drive the business of tennis.”

TIA Tech Partners, such as Zensah, also receive access to tennis industry market research and intelligence reports, such as the TIA State of the Industry Report, Cost of Doing Business studies, and the Physical Activity Council Tennis Participation Study. In addition, Tech Partners receive TIA affinity member discounts that can also benefit their business operations and strategies.

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