Kuznetsova Says Tarpischev Was Wrong

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Svetlana Kuznetsova Tennis News

Photo courtesy WTA

The two-time champion Svetlana Kuznetsova could have been asked to play the Fed Cup final against the Czech, but she wasn’t picked. The Russian did go to Prague to support her team, but even though she had played well during the past few weeks – winning the Moscow tournament – somebody passed her.

The Czech Republic won the Fed Cup title, 3-2. Russia brought in Maria Sharapova, who won both rubbers; Elena Vesnina who lost in the doubles; Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, who lost all three rubbers; and Ekaterina Makarova, who was hurt and she was unable to play at all.

The Russian captain Anastasia Myskina is very close to  Kuznetsova. The 2004 French Open champion Myskina not only hangs out with Kuznetsova, but she coaches her during part of the season.

But this time, Myskina was unable to name Kuznetsova and that cost her. It sounds like just before Myskina was to name her team, she wasn’t allowed to bring in Kuznetsova.

Her long time and coach Russian Tennis Federation president Shamil  Tarpischev might have decided that he didn’t want Kuznetsova to play.

“I always stay behind Anastasia and whatever she does and whatever she did,” Kuznetsova told DAILY TENNNIS. “She got so much criticize from Tarpischev and I think it’s so wrong. I think she does great job. To get united all the girls, it’s amazing.”

Kuznetsova said that in 2015, Myskina had a terrific year in the Fed Cup. Russia beat Poland away by taking down Aga Radwanska, with Sharapova winning both rubbers. In April, it was 2-2 versus Germany, and in the doubles, Pavlyuchenkova  and Vesnina won the tie.

Myskina made the right moves – until the final against Czechs.

But Kuznetsova says that the 34-year-old Myskina is very intelligent.

“She did a great job over all year. We could have been out in Poland. We could have been out against Germany,” Kuznetsova said. “We made it to final. I think it’s great. She does unbelievable work. She unites all the girls. It’s great atmosphere. Maria is not playing all the time, and when she played it was great. She was comfortable. Everybody on the team was comfortable. I think this is the most important thing.”

Kuznetsova has reached the semifinals of Sydney. This season, she will use three coaches this year: Carlos Martinez, Hernan Gumy, and Myskina.  Martinez is working with Kuznetsova during Australia, Myskina will work with her in Doha, and Gumy will work with her at Indian Wells and Miami.

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