Australia’s Tiley Says 2016 Is A Critical Year For Kyrgios And Tomic

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Craig Tiley Tennis News

The heat is on, for Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic. According to the Tennis Australia chief executive Craig Tiley, in 2016 the Aussies must turn themselves round. Both have had a fairly good season with Kyrgios ranked No. 30 and Tomic ranked No. 18.

But both of them were controversial this year, when Kyrgios was fined heavily for insulting Stan Wawrinka inside the court, and Tomic aggressively criticizing the Tennis Australian bosses.

Kyrgios is 20 year old, while Tomic is 23.

“We know we’ve had our rocky moments, but we’ve been consistent in our approach and both Bernard and Nick know what our expectations are – we’ve made that clear,” Tiley said. “We wish them the best of luck. We’re coming into what’s going to be a critical year for them in 2016 and they’ve both proven, on different stages, that they are among the best players in the world.”

Not only does Tiley hope that his steeds will be mature next year, but the Tennis Australia high performance coach Todd Woodbridge wants Kyrgios to calm down on court.

“He’s had that year of huge expectation and focus on him in 2015,” said Woodbridge, who won 16 Grand Slam doubles before he retired. “He now has a better understanding of what’s expected of him and how to handle some of the stresses. That’s the hardest part for a young player. He now has a much better look at that, and I think next year he’s going to know how to handle it much better. It’s about maturing. He’s 20 years of age, moving to 21, with a huge amount of world focus on him. All of those things are in place for him to continue to improve. I’m sure he’ll have a slip up here and there, but he now has a much better way of dealing with it.”

Copyright © 2015. No duplication is permitted without permission from Bob Larson Tennis.