Wawrinka And Kyrgios Are Buddies Now

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Photo courtesy IPTL

In August, Stan Wawrinka was furious with the 20-year-old Nick Kyrgios.

Wawrinka was furious with Kyrgios for saying on court that his WTA girlfriend Donna Vecic used to date his ATP player friend Thanasi Kokkinakis.

During the second set in Montreal,  Kyrgios said on court: “Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend, sorry to tell you that, mate.”

Kyrgios won the match as Wawrinka retired down 6-7 6-3 4-0  with a back injury.

Wawrinka hadn’t really heard what Kyrgios had said, but later, he found out and he was furious.  A couple days later, Kyrgios apologized. However, it took the 30-year-old Wawrinka a while to get over it.

But now, according to the controversial Kyrgios, he and Wawrinka are now getting along just fine. They were playing in the Singapore Slammers at the International Tennis Premier League last weekend.

“It’s been really good actually,” Kyrgios told FOX. “We all have a group chat, we’ve all been chatting and I feel like we’re a lot more comfortable with each other now. It’s almost like nothing happened. We’re out there competing playing for the same team, we want to win. I think that’s been the main thing, is me just getting up and giving him the same energy I give everyone else and he’s appreciated that.”

The top players criticized Kyrgios for being on obnoxious behavior, but Andy Murray has always liked the young competitor. Last week, they were having a lot of fun on court.

“Andy’s been a good friend of mine for a long, long time now,” Kyrgios said. “As soon as I came on tour, he was a guy that sort of mentored me and took me under his wing. When he was on my team (in Dubai) we blended well and had a lot of banter. . . I feel as if I’ve grown as a person massively throughout this whole year.”

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