Djokovic Promises He Will Not Ease Up After Australian Title

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Novak Djokovic Tennis News

Novak Djokovic will not be seduced by his six-pack of Australian Open title, with the world number one vowing to stay hungry like the wolf in the fight to remain leader of the tennis pack. “The wolf running up the mountain is hungrier than the wolf standing on the hill,” Djokovic said after posting a 6-1, 7-5, 7-6 (7-3) victory over Andy Murray to mark half a dozen titles at Melbourne Park since 2008.

“I believe that all the guys that are out there fighting each week to get to no. 1 are very hungry to get to No. 1.”

The 28-year-old who has won four of the last five grand slam titles and whose iron discipline over diet, training and fitness is legendary, said that he must remain on the edge if he’s to keep his position. “I can’t allow myself to relax and enjoy. Of course I want to enjoy, and I will, but it’s not going to go more than few days. After that I already thinking about how can I continue on playing well throughout the rest of the season each tournament.”

“It’s the kind of a mindset that one needs to have if one wants to stay up there. I think you need to work double as hard when you’re up there (atop the ATP rankings).”

Djokovic stands alongside Rod Laver and Bjorn Borg after winning his 11th grand slam honor. He won 11 titles in 2015 and two to start this season, with his next event in three weeks in Dubai, training ground of defending champion Federer.

During his extended run of success, Djokovic has developed his own philosophy of achieving steady success which has worked for his career. “It’s actually many years of obviously commitment, hard work, sacrifice and dedication, not just to training sessions, the things that you are obliged to do as a tennis player.

“But it’s also to a lifestyle. Trying to devote most of your time, energy, thought to make yourself the best person and the best player possible. You can’t separate yourself professionally and privately, you’re the same person. So all this emotions that are occur in your private life, the issues, the problems that we all face, you need to surface them.

“You need to find a solution. You need to face, encounter these particular issues privately in order to maximize your potential as a player, as well.”

Djokovic added that his constant goal is improvement, “I want to improve as everybody else. I’m not here because I played the same tennis I played last year. I feel like I’m playing better. I always strive to improve not just the game or technically, tactically, but also mentally.”

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