The Sharapova-Dimitrov Breakup May Have Been A Publicity Stunt

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The dramatic split between Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov may be taking another twist – if Bulgarian media are to be believed. Local press in the home country of the No. 16 are reporting that rumors of an affair between the players and Bulgarian former Playmate Nikoleta Lozanova could have been merely a publicity set-up.

And some tabloids are blaming the married glamor model with engineering the story for personal publicity.

Bulgaria media report that the situation could be also leading to a courtroom.

“Grigor is about to sue the playmate for personally launching the rumor that she slept with the Bulgarian tennis star in London during the Wimbledon tournament about a month ago. These rumors are one of the main reasons for the breakup of the 24-year-old with his tennis queen girlfriend Maria Sharapova,” said Standart News.

Dimitrov manager Georgi Stoimenov was also reported to have called in the lawyers, with claims that Lozanova started the rumor to boost her own image at home.

“After his split with Maria Sharapova, Grigor Dimitrov became the hero of the tabloid soap opera, produced by some Bulgarian media,” Stoimenov said in a statement. “They publish “sensational news” about his personal life, which are not based on real facts and normal human logic.

“I am calling for his support, in order to give him confidence and peace at home, instead of turning him into a tabloid protagonist. I will not hesitate to seek liability for false statements, which are distributed.”

Dimitrov has dropped only one hint of his current situation, confirming in recent weeks that he and Sharapova are no longer a love item. Sharapova has had nothing at all to say on the personal matter.

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