After Accident In US Open Training Room, Bouchard Withdraws From All Events

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Speculation is increasing that Eugenie Bouchard may have a legal case against the US Open after the 2014 Wimbledon finalist slipped in a darkened training room on a wet floor, hitting her head and causing a concussion at the weekend.

The 25th seed was taken to a hospital and later withdrew from two doubles events as well as her place in the women’s singles fourth round. The singles pullout alone cost her a potential $213,575 in winner’s prize money.

Further news on the Canadian’s condition was not forthcoming, other than a family representative describing her symptoms as classic to a head concussion, including sensitivity to light, disorientation and other discomfort.

Canadian media are speculating that the case can be made that the Open showed negligence in shutting down a training room after Bouchard specifically requested that an ice bath be prepared for her on Friday night after a win in the third round.

The accident in the pitch dark training room apparently occurred when she could not find a light switch for a facility which should have been up and running and then slipped on the wet and slick floor. It was reported that a carpet runner on the floor had been removed and that no staff were around as should have been the case at 11 p.m.

Bouchard, daughter of a merchant banker in Montreal, has had nothing to say on the incident, but her return to tennis is anyone’s guess.

Her next event looks to be the WTA tournament in Hong Kong from October 12, an event which she missed last year over what was said to be mix-up in entries. The WTA ended up fining a Hong Kong tennis official for remarks he made on the situation at the time.

US Open officials have clamped a lid on any reaction, saying only that they wish Bouchard the best in her recovery. Asked by Canadian media if there is a legal case to answer, a spokesman quickly demurred: “I can’t answer that until I have more information. It’s a fair question. I certainly can’t comment on that.”


Copyright © 2015. No duplication is permitted without permission from Bob Larson Tennis.