Belgium Happy To Be At Home For Davis Cup Tie

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A long, long time ago, Belgium reached the Davis Cup final – and lost. However, they were very happy, because it was in 1904, when they just started how to play tennis.

Now, Belgium is thrilled. They have reached the semis, at home in Brussels, and they are slightly favored against Argentina. The fans are already jumping down. The officials are so happy that they held Brussels Town Hall for the draw.

The top player Davis Goffin says that it is gigantic.

“You aren’t playing for yourself [anymore],” the No. 15 Goffin told Davis Cup. “You are playing for your country and the team on the side of the court. Sometimes it’s a pressure, but for me it’s a good pressure. The last time was in 1904 so we are going to give everything to play another final. It would be historic for us.”

Argentina is always around, always trying. The South American country has finished runners up in 1981, 2006, 2008 and 2011.

Leonardo Mayer and Federico Delbonis are both playing the singles.  Currently ranked No. 39, Mayer is considered by many to be the most important. But he does not believe that.

“I don’t think I am really No. 1, the team is actually No. 1,” Mayer said. “For me, Davis Cup is very important. It’s a priority. We are very motivated to win.”

The 31-year-old Steve Darcic of Belgium has won 17 wins and 12 losses. He has been around a long time and knows how crucial it is to try to win it all.

In 1904, Belgium faced the British Isles in Wimbledon. The two Belgium players came close, with Willy le Maire de Warzée d’Hermalle  and Paul de Borman, who was regarded as a pioneer of Belgian tennis.  They did lose however. Maybe this time, they will find a way to triumph.

“It’s 50-50, so why not?” said Darcis. “We are thinking about the final for sure, but it’s going to be a long weekend. We are going to try and take the opportunity.”

Copyright © 2015. No duplication is permitted without permission from Bob Larson Tennis.