Michael Byrd Earns PTR Master of Tennis – Performance

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Michael Byrd PTR Tennis NewsProfessional Tennis Registry (PTR) announced that Michael Byrd of Arlington Heights, Illinois, has completed the extensive education requirements to earn the organization’s highest coaching certification of PTR Master of Tennis – Performance.   Byrd is Director of Junior Tennis Director and Tournament Director at Midtown Athletic Club, as well as serves the USTA as an Early Development Camp (EDC) Coach.

PTR Master of Tennis is a first in coach education in the USA.  PTR Master of Tennis qualification matches the National Council on Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) at the highest level – Level 5.  These Standards, at different levels, are used by many other sports and education bodies in the USA, and are recognized and endorsed by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

The Master of Tennis program is open to PTR members who hold a Professional rating, and develops the coach’s ability to plan comprehensive club programs for all ages of junior players, and to use competence based coaching skills.

“The Master of Tennis program debuted last year,” said PTR CEO Dan Santorum.  “It is based on a number of courses in a unique mixture of online learning and home study, as well as practical on court learning in small groups of fellow professionals.  This means that coaches benefit from studying on their own, as well as from discussing and interacting with their peers on the tennis court.  The program can be completed in as few as nine months or can take as long as two years, and the schedule takes into consideration that most participants work full time.

“This qualification program, the content of which is linked to the International Tennis Federation’s Level 3 Course, helps coaches gain the knowledge and skills to be the best they can be and to make a world of difference in the progress of aspiring young players,” Santorum continued.

There are specific requirements to apply and to be accepted for this prestigious qualification.  Please visit www.ptrtennis.org for more information.

Copyright © 2015. No duplication is permitted without permission from Bob Larson Tennis.