Kyrgios Is Dropped From His School’s Hall Of Fame

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Fiona Godfrey Tennis News

Nick Kyrgios learned a few lessons during his schooldays at Radford College in Canberra and the school’s principal Fiona Godfrey hopes he takes heed of another after the 20 year-old Australian’s errors of judgment this year have caused him to be suspended from his alma mater’s Hall of Fame.

Radford College boasts an impressive ex-alumni with notable cricketers and soccer and field hockey players. But Kyrgios has generated the most international press and principal Godfrey believes much of the stories about her school’s past pupil do not exactly glorify the reputation of the establishment.

“Nick has had a temporary departure from the Hall of Fame,” said Godfrey. “He’s actually on detention, with his picture in the director of sport’s office at the moment and we’re keeping him there until his behavior improves. And we are very confident that will happen given that he was a Radford student.

“But at the moment while he’s not a particularly good role model for the other students, he’s on detention.”

Godfrey believes sports stars are important role models to current pupils and high-profile incidents such as those infamous comments to Stan Wawrinka, which earned Kyrgios to being put on probation by the ATP World Tour with a suspended sentence hanging over the player’s head, do no good at all.

She continued: “I was speaking to the director of sport who said he can remember him vividly. He was a lovely bloke at school and he also vividly remembers him playing a large tennis competition involving staff and funnily enough he won it.

“He only has to string together a few good tournaments and we’ll be happy to put him back up there.”

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