Murray’s Dog About To Publish A “How To” Book

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One of dog-lover Andy Murray’s family pooches is set to make a 2016 publishing “debut.” with officials announcing that Border terrier Maggie Mayhem, a longtime pet of Murray and wife Kim Spears, will “author” a book about how to handle humans.

“How to Look After Your Human: A Dog’s Guide” will be illustrated with help from artist Kim, currently set to become a mother in February with the couple’s first child due. The book, coming out in June, will cost around $25 and is billed as a children’s offering.

Publisher Rachel Williams, whose Frances Lincoln company acquitted the rights, is already talking up the project, expected to make or break on the back of the Murray public popularity.  “Maggie Mayhem has been dispensing valuable life advice to her thousands of adoring fans on Twitter and we simply couldn’t resist her wit and charm.

“Maggie Mayhem has trained some of the world’s most stubborn humans (namely her housemate Kim Sears) and so there is no better canine to explain the complexities of human behavior and guide us through the ownership journey.”

Murray and Kim are keen dog-walkers in the fields around their Surrey mansion south of London, with the activity seemingly a favorite way for world No. 2 Murray to use his ATP down time.

Maggie has been on Twitter for the past five years and occasionally passes on a nugget or two of wisdom on the social media outlet to 28,000 followers. The signature profile picture shows the dog wearing Murray’s 2012 London Olympic gold medal. Hurray has been known to Skype with his dogs during tournaments abroad.

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