Federer: ‘The Rivalries, They’re Unique In Many Ways”

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Roger Federer says that he is very satisfied this week at the ATP World Tour Finals, winning all three contests and making it to the semis in London.

The 34 year old is almost always knows what is going on, where the players are satisfied or un-satisfied. When he eventually retires, the 17-time Grand Slam champion will look back and say whether he competed against the other great rivals, the 14-time Grand Slam Rafael Nadal and the 10-time Grand Slam Novak Djokovic.

It has been very close and as he says, it’s been a blast.

“The rivalries, they’re unique in many ways. Obviously the more I play Novak, the more he’s achieving in that timeframe, the more special it becomes,” Federer said. “It’s natural because every match becomes more important that we didn’t play, as well. With Rafa I go back further. The fact is obviously the epic Wimbledon finals. Then we had all these matches for me which were hard, the French Open finals. But they were very important for my career as well to win the French Open in 2009.

Federer won his first major in 2003 at Wimbledon. Nadal grabbed his first Grand Slam in 2004 at the French Open, and Djokovic won his first at the 2007 Australian Open. Nadal is 30 years old, and Djokovic is 28. Andy Murray, who has won two Grand Slams, is also 28 years old.

“We were the new guys and the face of the tour for so long. It’s nice to see Novak and Andy break through, take it to the next level,” Federer said. ” Andy winning slams, [the 2012] Olympic gold. The same for Novak. To go on the run he’s on, was hard to predict after being stuck at 3 and 4 for a while. So even more impressive for him to change it around and do it. That’s also why I believe our rivalry has become nice as well.

Which is more special? It’s hard to predict. Maybe slightly Rafa just because he came before Novak. I’ve always enjoyed the matchup with Novak. I think it’s always very cool and athletic and straightforward, unlike Rafa where I feel like I have to change my game completely to compete with him.”

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