WTA Increased Observers Overall In 2015

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The WTA saw significantly increased viewership of its tournament this year, according to its figures.

The tour announced that it reached 395 million total cumulative viewers compared to 316 million a year ago, an increase of 25 percent. That is bigger than a 23 percent increase from the previous year.

The top five most-watched events were Beijing (34.64 million), Singapore (32.49 million), Toronto (29.70 million), Miami (29.37 million), Indian Wells (26.81 million).

There was an even bigger increase in digital viewership, with 44.5 million total watchers compared to 31 million a year ago, up 44 percent.

That follows the first year of the WTA’s record-breaking deal with Perform, which is the equivalent of $52.5 a year and includes production of WTA matches by the rights company. The agreement also calls for the WTA to keep expanding its broadcast content.

More people also have the opportunity to watch WTA matches, with the tour’s international reach standing at more than 950 million households, an increase of 38 percent from a year ago.

The figures were based on research by SMG Insight.

WTA CEO Steve Simon said the tour also was positioned to keep increasing its content and viewership. “The continued rise in audiences show the WTA strategy to grow the product and reach more fans is working, and the number of stars coming up through the sport will continue to excite interest. The depth of the playing field in our sport is unprecedented right now, and the competition is outstanding,” he said in a statement.

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