Azarenka Sets Her Sights On Top On The Tour

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Victoria Azarenka Tennis News

Victoria Azarenka, destined to return to the world’s top five next week for the first time since a succession of injuries put her career on hold, insists she is enjoying her tennis far more now than the 51 weeks she spent as the world no.1.

Azarenka is undeniably the current form player of the WTA after winning the Brisbane International and the more recent BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells before reaching the semi-finals at the Miami Open.

And comparing the times she won two Australian Open titles and topped the rankings with the current day, she insisted: “It’s a lot more fun now, because I make it fun for me. I make my training exciting.

“I understand the game a lot better and keep looking forward to improve. I’m not in the chasing position anymore. I’m just there to keep improving, to do my best, and try to reach my full potential.

“I don’t feel I’m in the stage of my career where I have to go for every tournament and keep hustling and try to prove somebody something. I’m in the position I just want to enjoy. I’m very much aware of my abilities.”

Azarenka insisted she never doubted her playing ability but did wonder when she would ever attain full playing fitness again. “What came to my mind is definitely after being for so long injured, the doubt was to get healthy,” she said. “So always been a little bit on my mind.

“But I still feel that I’m far from my best, and that’s what’s really exciting for me, to be motivated, to keep improving. Everybody has doubts. We’re human beings. I always trust my ability and I believe in myself.”

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