Federer Is Not Near The End Of His Career

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Roger Federer Tennis News

Roger Federer is ready to maintain his role as a major influence on current tennis for some time to come, with the 34-year-old relaxed – if not altogether satisfied – after losing the World Tour Final to Novak Djokovic in London at the weekend.

The Swiss, taking a short break before resuming training and squeezing in a few well-paid matches with the ITPL starting in just over a week, said that with his love of the sport, he can carry on well into the future on the ATP.

Not for Federer is any kind of a reduced schedule, with the world No. 3 ready to challenge at the top again in 2016 after winning six titles this season. “I’m just happy things are working out well right now, that my team is as strong as it is behind me who make it possible for me to step out on court with a good mindset, that I enjoy myself, that my family is willing to travel with me, that we love it on the tour. It’s not all that normal because a lot of work goes into that.

“We’ll see how much longer we can make it happen. But  just really pleased that it’s been another great year for me.  Looking forward to next year, of course. It’s just around the corner. I’m excited about that, as well.

And Federer adds that when his career is done, someone will surely rise in the ranks to take his place as a future world-beater, hard as it may be to believe at the moment.

“There will always be a future good player to watch with my kind of attitude. But I hope that nobody tries to copy me because I think copying is bad, like they shouldn’t copy any other player. I believe you should find your own style and be natural, be yourself. Don’t try to pretend you’re somebody else. It served me well anyway.

“I’ll definitely follow tennis when I’m long gone because I think it’s a great game, great personalities come out of it. The TV and everything, they follow every step you make on the court. There’s no hiding out there.

“I feel like you get a good sense of how the people are on and off the court because you have to do a lot of media. I think tennis will always be fine, in my opinion.”

Copyright © 2015. No duplication is permitted without permission from Bob Larson Tennis.