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Lendl Has Plans For Murray, But Won’t Disclose Them







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True to his nature, Ivan Lendl is giving nothing away about his coaching dreams for Andy Murray as the pair enter their second season together starting in late December, With the ATP on a pause, the 52-year-old Lendl has been active, attending the Czech Republic's Davis Cup finals victory over Spain at the weekend in Prague and getting set for a seniors appearance in early December in London.

Lendl, who gives little away at the best of times and habitually sits stoically in the player box during Murray matches without changing expression, has little to say about 2013.

"I never get into the details of his game with anyone because it not necessary for anyone other than Andy to know," he told Hong Kong media during a promotional visit to tout an exhibition with old rival John McEnroe next March a part of World Tennis Day.

Under Lendl's supervision, Murray made a breakthrough last season, winning the Olympic gold medal over Roger Federer and then lifting his first career Grand Slam title by winning the US Open.

Team Murray hope there will be more of the same to come, but no strategy will be revealed. "Well obviously that is the goal," Lendl said of No. 3 Murray's hopes for January's Australian Open. "But tennis is very difficult at the moment with (Novak) Djokovic, (Roger) Federer, (Rafa) Nadal and Andy all very good at the moment so it is going to be difficult to succeed.

"Yes he does have a chance but I can't make any predictions."

While he refuses to speak in specifics, there is one area of discussion for which the Czech-born American Lendl will venture. If he were to have somehow played Murray when both were at their prime, "Andy would kill me.

"All you have to do is look at the sports against time - swimming, athletics etc - and compare the times from today compared to 30 years ago and you will get the answer."


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