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Roland Garros: Marco Baghdatis, May 26, 2008

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Roland Garros
at Paris, France

Monday, May 26, 2008

Interview with Marcos Baghdatis

Q. Good morning, Marcos. Three sets against this Italian player. Did you expect it to be all that difficult?

MARCOS BAGHDATIS: No. Had I been expecting that I wouldn't have come to play. But I have not played for quite a while, so it was difficult for me to come back.

But I was lacking practice and matches. I was not making the appropriate choices at the right time. And even though the result shows he had an easy win, I think I had some opportunities in the first set, also in the second set when I had a break point at 4‑3.

But that's the way it is. That's tennis. But this guy, he played his match, and he played better than I did today.

Q. So what are you going to do next?

MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Well, I don't know. I think I'll go to Wimbledon. I'll talk about it with my coach later on.

THE MODERATOR: Any other questions?

Q. It's a disappointment, losing here in Paris at Roland Garros, a tournament that you like?

MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yes, of course it's a disappointment. Yes.

Q. It wasn't easy for you to have that draw against this player after such a long absence?

MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yes. But, you know, all players play good tennis. Then, as I said earlier, I haven't played enough so far, and even if the result is 6‑2, 6‑4, 6‑2 is hard, I had some opportunities in the first and in the second set.

I made wrong decisions, and this is what made the difference. He played more tournaments than I did so he had confidence. He shot the ball very well. He was fit. That made the difference, and this is why today I lost.

Q. What is your next objective?

MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Go to Wimbledon. I don't know if I'll play a Challenger next week, but I'll definitely go to Wimbledon.

Q. But is it a good comeback for you anyway?

MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yes, I had good ‑‑ I felt good on the court. I wanted to play, but the problem is I didn't know what to do. Sometimes the ball was arriving. I didn't know how to play it. So it's a bit of a problem, you know, when you play at such a level not knowing how to play a ball. It's a bit difficult.

Q. Is it for lack of matches or because of your opponent?

MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Both. I can't say I didn't do anything. He played very well. He has a beautiful forehand and he played a beautiful match. But as I said, I had opportunities.

I was leading 30‑Love in the first set and I lost. I was not aggressive enough, because I'm lacking practice at the moment. But I'm not saying he didn't play well. He played well.


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