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Federer Likes The Age Mix On The ATP Tour






Having both veteran and emerging players is a good combination for the ATP tour, says Roger Federer.

The amount of players over 30, like Federer, has increased in recent years, while there are no teenagers in the top 100 today.

The 32-year-old likes having his contemporaries still playing. ''I think it's good to have all the guys around. It shows as tough as the game is, it's still possible to last, you know,'' said Federer. ''It's not like guys are just dropping out at 28, 29, 30 years old just because it's too physical, it's too demanding, too many tournaments having to be played, the rallies are too long, everything is too stretched, it's too extreme.

''I don't feel it's that way, even though the points are taking longer.  We see more of these lateral points, which are rough, you know.  But then again, there is a factor of many things. ''

But following the recent prominence of older players, the world No. 4 also spots new names starting to have an impact.

''More teenagers are coming through. Now with Kyrgios, there's finally somebody again. Back in the day it was just normal.  I mean, Becker won the tournament here,'' Federer said, referring to 17-year-old Boris Becker winning Wimbledon. 

Their improvement adds more interest to the game, suggested Federer, as it did during the emergence of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray in their teens and twenties.

''It's been quite interesting just to follow that,'' he said. ''I would think it would be great for the game if we had more teenagers, seeing guys sort of come through the tournaments on the biggest stage at a young age. I always think that's so interesting, like what Rafa did or Murray or Djokovic or Becker or [Michael] Chang did.  I think it's always good for the game. But then again, it's also good to keep all the guys in the sport.''

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