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Bollettieri Home After Hospital Bout With Double Pneumonia







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After 4 days in the hospital with double pneumonia, Nick Bollettieri is home and feeling great!  It was not a secret of Bollettieri’s condition, and he was inundated at the hospital with visits, phone calls, emails, flowers, cards, food, etc., etc.  He was deeply touched by all the outpouring of love he received over the last few days!  

For those who missed the news...this past Saturday Nick golfed 27 holes of golf, went over to the Academy to check in on the tournament, spent 4 hours body surfing with the boys, then watched the French Open in the middle of the night.  He woke up Sunday not feeling his usual perky self, by Sunday evening he was really not feeling well and had a fever.  After a very restless night, he still insisted on going to work early Monday morning.

His coaches all tried to convince him to go to the hospital. . . Nick wouldn't hear of it. At last, one of his staff had "tricked" Nick and got him in the car and he was on his way to the ER.

Nick was admitted and had excellent care by both the staff at Manatee Memorial and Dr. Argeles and his staff from IMG.  Nick had constant care from family and friends and healed amazingly quickly and was discharged a day earlier than they had predicted.  

On his way home from the hospital Thursday he stopped at his friend Milo's new restaurant that hasn't opened yet and spent several hours sitting with friends and family eating yummy breads hot out of the oven, sipping warm tea, and being thoroughly happy to be out of the hospital!

His assistant Tim has been terrific staying by his side, printing out all the get well messages and giving Nick updates.  The best email address for Nick is


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